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The Data Science field is changing at an unbelievable rate. New research, applications and developments are happening left, right and centre. In case, you are too busy to keep track of all these changes, we have that covered for you.

INSAID offers the best resources and advice in the industry to our students. Data News is yet another initiative by the INSAID team for ensuring our budding Data Leaders stay relevant and on-top of any major breakthroughs and trends that might develop in this dynamic field of Data Science and AI.

Every week, INSAID brings major news from all around the world to it’s students. It is easily accesible through their dashboards and INSAID’s weekly pick of short and effective reads is sure to to help the students develop an edge for staying curious as Data Scientists.

Here is a quick round-up of our favorite articles of Data News for the month of May 2020 to help you revisit important news that you may have missed!

1.  Basic Business Concepts You NEED to Know as a Data Scientist Click here to read.

2. The Coolest Data Science And ML Tool Companies Of 2020 Click here to read.

3.  What is the hiring process of data scientists at Infosys? Click here to read.

4.  What is the hiring process of data scientists at Cisco? Click here to read.

3.  The 7 Habits Of Good Data Scientists Click here to read.

5.  What is the hiring process of data scientists at Tesco? Click here to read.

6.  Recent Data Science Jobs For Freshers To Apply Right Now Click here to read.

7.  Lyft Data Scientist shares 5 pieces of career advice Click here to read

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