Top 5 Budding Data Science Leaders Award 2022

Top 5 Budding Data Science Leaders for Year 2022

Welcome back!

We are excited to announce our fresh Top 5 Budding Data Science Leaders for Year 2022!

The Top 5 Data Science Leaders Award is our most prestigious academic award where we recognize INSAIDians who demonstrated the highest potential to emerge as successful Data & AI leaders in India in coming years.    

About our Selection Process

In total, 2100 INSAID students across 12 different batches participated in this award. These participants went through 4 major rounds in a two-months-long selection process that involved Technical Data Leader assessment, INSAID Spotlight Interviews, github profile assessment, headshot, culminating in final interview with Hemanka Sarmah, INSAID’s Product Manager(Data Science) and Senior faculty.   

We would like to appreciate all INSAID students who participated and we hope that the participation process itself has been immensely valuable to you.  

Although there were many talented professionals who participated for this award, we are happy to announce the ones who made it to the Top 5 Budding Data Science Leader Awards for Year 2022! 

Congratulating all the winners. Here is everything you need to know about these 5! 

1. Sourav Ghosh

Sourav Ghosh

A PGP in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence candidate having more than 4 years of experience in Data optimization and management. He already completed his transition journey to a Senior Data Engineer at Philips Healthcare.

According to Hemanka Sarmah:

Sourav is very enthusiastic about Data Science and has achieved great feats in multiple facets in his career. He is very knowledgeable about everything around Data Science and is always sharing about new advancements. His transition to a Senior Data Engineer role is commendable and has achieved rapid growth at a young age.

Take a look at Sourav’s GitHub profile here

Read Sourav’s Data Science journey here

Check out Sourav’s LinkedIn profile here.

Congratulations Sourav for winning the Budding Data Science Leaders Award 2022!

2. Girish Sahu

Girish Sahu

Girish, our second winner has been a PGP Data Science and Artificial Intelligence student at INSAID. He has 26+ years of experience in the technology industry. He has a vast set of skills that make him what he is today. We congratulate you Girish for your achievements.

As per Hemanka Sarmah:

Girish has a clear understanding of Data Science and Machine Learning concepts. Girish’s past experience, coupled with his fast-growing skills in Data Science and strong background definitely makes him an excellent individual in this field. He actively participates in Kaggle competitions which showcases his urge to learn and scale as much as possible. We firmly believe that Girish will emerge as a senior leader in Data Science & AI space in India in the next 2-3 years.

Take a look at Girish’s GitHub profile here

Read Girish’s Data Science journey here

Check out Girish’s LinkedIn profile here.

3. Ruchit Sengupta

Ruchit Sengupta

Ruchit Sengupta is our third winner. He is a Senior Tech Lead at Global Logic. His insatiable passion for knowledge and upskilling led him to enroll in the Global Certificate in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence program at INSAID. Congratulations Ruchit.

According to Hemanka Sarmah: 

What makes Ruchit stand out is his unique ability towards learning Data Science. Ruchit demonstrates excellent technical clarity and has great communication skills while showing exceptional problem solving abilities. The way he answered all his questions in the interview is inspiring. 

Take a look at Ruchit’s GitHub profile here

Read Ruchit’s Data Science journey here

Check out Ruchit’s LinkedIn profile here.

4. Archit Jain

Archit Jain

Our fourth place winner is secured by Archit Jain. His grit for achieving great heights and the passion to gain knowledge, made him join the GCD or Global Certificate in Data Science Program at INSAID. At his age, he has gained substantial experience. We congratulate you Archit.

According to Hemanka Sarmah:

Archit is the youngest among all winners in this year’s rankings. Archit is not only strong in Python & Data Science, but his articulation of how Data Science can be used effectively is noteworthy. He has been a part of many industries as an intern. That makes him a visionary who with his passion for this field can make a huge impact in the coming years.

Take a look at Archit’s GitHub profile here

Read Archit’s Data Science journey here

Check out Archit’s LinkedIn profile here.

5. Gayathri Gopalsami

Gayathri Gopalsami

Gayathri Gopalsami, our fifth winner, is a Senior Software Engineer working with Oracle. She enrolled in the PGP Data Science and Artificial Intelligence course with INSAID to upgrade herself and reach the peak of success in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. We congratulate you Gayathri for your commendable performance.

As per Hemanka Sarmah: 

Gayathri is good with her understanding of Data Science concepts and has been a part of multiple projects throughout her career. She has developed her portfolio using Django. Her usage of Data Science concepts and their application is excellent.

Take a look at Gayathri’s GitHub profile here

Read Gayathri’s Data Science journey here

Check out Gayathri’s LinkedIn profile here.

At INSAID, we are proud and honored to have the chance to guide all these wonderful professionals towards becoming the next generation of leaders in Data science & AI. 

The entire student community, faculty and staff at INSAID heartily congratulate these 5 winners for the year 2022 again and we look forward to seeing them achieve INSAID’s vision of making India into Data Science and AI superpower!

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