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When INSAID started Top 5 Budding Data Science Leader Awards, our mission was to recognize the most talented professionals at INSAID.

Our goal was to recognize INSAIDians who, we believe, truly have the potential to emerge as successful Data Leaders in India and globally in years to come.

We’re happy to announce we’ve picked these Top 5 Budding Data Science Leaders for Year 2020.Top % DAta Science LeadersA little bit about the selection process…

In total, 1600 participants across 9 different batches participated in this ranking. Participants had to go through 3 different rounds over a period of 1 month including submitting their GitHub profile, resume, headshot, submitting an article, participating in INSAID spotlight and then culminating with final interview with INSAID Faculty.

We’d like to appreciate all INSAID students who participated and we hope that the participation process itself would have been of immense value to you.

However, among the many capable professionals who participated in this ranking, we are happy to announce that we have picked our first Top 5 Budding Data Science Leaders for Year 2020!

Each candidate was evaluated on various parameters in each stage. These parameters include:

1. Competency, understanding and skill level in Data Science
2. Passion for becoming top-notch Data Scientists
3. Communication and articulation
4. Overall commitment and efforts put

Here are our Top 5 Budding Data Science Leaders 2020 winners. Congratulations to all the winners!

1. Lalit Garg

The first winner of this ranking is Lalit Garg, Global Certificate in Data Science candidate at INSAID. Lalit is AGM, Genus Apparels Ltd and heads the IT Team at his company.

Lalit has over 15 years of experience and a formidable ability to perceive and articulate Data Science trends and developments impacting the Apparel Industry.

A comment from Suchit Majumdar:

What makes Lalit one of the winners is his curiosity and ability to learn Data Science concepts fast. Given that he was from a totally non-programming background, I was extremely impressed with the way he answered all interview questions and the extra mile he has gone to build his GitHub profile. He has been one of INSAID’s most active students since he joined.

Lalit has been consistently recognized both by faculty and his peers at INSAID as someone who not only learns himself but is willing to go out of his way to help his peers too.

  • Link to Lalit’s article on Data Science trends in the Apparel industry is here.
  • Link to Lalit’s GitHub profile.
  • Read more on Lalit’s journey into Data Science here

Congratulations Lalit for making it to the Top 5 rankings!

2. Sathish Kumar Venugopal

Our second winner is Sathish Venugopal,  Global Certificate in Data Science candidate at INSAID. 

Sathish was the Director of QA at Amber Road and has a total of 20 years in Automation & Security Testing.

Sathish has worked across multiple domains including SCM, Retail, eCommerce, Mobile & Airline Travel. Sathish’s rich experience combined with his technical expertise makes him among the best at INSAID.

A comment from Suchit Majumdar:

What makes Sathish stand out is that not only does Sathish has a good grasp on Data Science concepts but he is really good at articulating his thoughts and ideas. What we particularly liked about Satish is that unlike other participants who have 20+ years of experience and usually are shy of coding, Satish developed his programming skills really well. Given Sathish’s background, articulation and skills, we believe that he’s a perfect fit for being ranked among INSAID’s best candidates.

  • Sathish’s article on Automation Analysis using Artificial Intelligence has also been voted by the faculty panel as among the best in this ranking. Click here to read
  • Check out Sathish’s GitHub profile here.
  • Read more on Sathish’s journey into Data Science here.

Congratulations Sathish for making it to the Top 5 rankings!

3. Anirudha Subramanya Acharya

Our third winner in Top 5 Budding Data Leader is Anirudha Acharya, a candidate for Certificate in Data Science Foundation program at INSAID. Anirudha currently works as Mainframe Developer at DXC Technology. 

Having more than 10 years of experience, Anirudha has domain exposure in the insurance industry. High Domain Expertise along with his technical proficiency makes Anirudha a Promising Data Science Leader to look out for in the future.

A comment from Suchit Majumdar:

Anirudha was one of the few candidates who scored very high in most of the parameters including Technical, Communication skills, Data Science & Python skills. We were especially impressed with Anirudha’s focus on using Data Science in Insurance and we believe that given the great domain exposure he brings, he’s likely to be one of the most successful students INSAID has produced.

  • Anirudha’s article on “Applications of Data Science in Insurance Industry” also made it to the top 5 rankings. Click here to read Anirudha’s article.
  • Link to Anirudha’s Data Science journey here.
  • Note: Anirudha’s GitHub profile was also among the best GitHub profiles we saw in this ranking.

Congratulations Anirudha from making it to the Top 5!

4. Nitesh Srivastava

Our fourth winner is Nitesh Srivastava, Global Certificate in Data Science & AI candidate at INSAID. 

A BITS Pilani alum, Nitesh currently works as Customer Success Manager at Oracle.

A note about Nitesh from Suchit Majumdar:

With 14 years in consulting, Nitesh is well rounded in his approach. Given his fast growing skills in Data Science and his high pedigree background, we’re confident that Nitesh will contribute significantly in this field in the years to come. 

  • Here is Nitesh’s article on how to use Machine Learning for impactful Risk assessment. 
  • Nitesh’s GitHub profile has also been featured among Top 5 Github profiles.
  • Read about Nitesh’s experience with Data Science here.

Congratulations Nitesh for making it to Top 5!

5. Praveen Parthasarathy

Our fifth winner is Praveen Parthasarathy, Global Certificate in Data Science candidate at INSAID.

Praveen is Head, Assisted Channels at CreditMantri and has been in retail and corporate banking for around a decade.


Praveen is currently part of the Fintech industry after his successful stint in roles across Finance, Project Management, and Marketing.

A note about Praveen from Suchit Majumdar:

Praveen has a structured thought-process that’s much needed for Data Science aspirants. What we liked about Praveen is that he has developed sound technical base despite coming from a totally non-programming background. He is a perfect candidate to land big Data Science opportunities. I’d bet that he’ll emerge as a Data leader in Fintech space in next 5-7 years in India!

  • Praveen’s article on the rise of High-Tech companies in the coming decade also featured in Top 5 Rankings.
  • Link to Praveen’s GitHub profile
  • Link to Praveen’s experience with Data Science here.

Congratulations Praveen for making it to Top 5!


The entire student community, faculty and staff at INSAID would like to congratulate again these 5 winners for making it to the Top 5!


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  1. Obviously outstanding achievements, no doubt.. obviously today and tomorrow is the era of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning only.. we have to swim and be in this pool for many more years to come.. ..

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