Top 5 Budding Data Scientist Awards 2019 at INSAID

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INSAID’s most prestigious rankings for 2019 is here!

The much-awaited INSAID Top Budding Data Leaders Awards 2019 is here!

INSAID budding data science leaders 2019

Top Budding Data Leaders Awards recognize INSAID students across programs who have demonstrated outstanding potential to become leaders in Data Science & Machine Learning in India. 

Selecting these Top 5 Budding Data Science leaders, however, was a challenging task. The selection process was one month long with five different stages. 

Each candidate was evaluated on various parameters in each stage. These parameters include

1. Competency, understanding and skill level in Data Science
2. Passion for becoming top notch Data Scientists
3. Communication and articulation
4. Overall commitment and efforts put

500+ INSAID students participated in these rankings but finally, only 5 could make it to the Top 5 Rankings for 2019. Below is the list of these 5 professionals.

1. Amoolya Shetty

Amoolya Shetty

Amoolya is a student of Certificate in Data Science Foundation at INSAID. Amoolya currently works at Accenture and represents talented women in technology industry who not only have a strong command on the technical aspect of Data Science but have the ability to articulate her thoughts extremely well. 

What makes Amoolya featuring in Top 5 even more special is that she’s the youngest among all top 5 Budding Data Science Leaders.

Amoolya has also been featured in Top 5 rankings for her article on her journey with Data Science.

You can read more about Amoolya’s Data Science journey here.

Amoolya’s GitHub profile has also featured among Top 5 GitHub profiles.

2. Bhaskar Bharat

Bhaskar Bharat

Bhaskar Bharat is a student of Global Certificate in Data Science at INSAID. Bhaskar’s strong hold on Data Science concepts and tools coupled with his outstanding ability to express his ideas clearly catapulted him to the Top 5 in this ranking. 

Bhaskar’s article on How India can become a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) space? can be read here.

Bhaskar’s GitHub profile can be accessed here.

You can read about Bhaskar’s experience with data science and INSAID here.

Bhaskar is an entrepreneur and is passionate about “uncovering blind spots, patterns and relationships in data that work in the background and determine data-based predictions.’’

3. Dr. Chitra Desai

Dr. Chitra Desai

Dr. Chitra Desai is a student of Global Certificate in Data Science & AI at INSAID. Dr. Desai is the Head of Faculty of Computational Science at National Defence Academy, a prestigious institution in India.

Dr. Desai’s rich experience combined with her Data Science skills make her among the best at INSAID.  

We all feel inspired by Dr. Desai’s commitment to upskill herself. She’s embodies the saying “There’s no age or limit to learning!”

  Suchit Majumdar, Chief Data Scientist, INSAID

Dr. Desai has also made it to the Top 5 Rankings for her article on Data Security from the perspective of machine learning. Her article can be read here.

Read about Dr. Desai’s experience with Data Science here.

Dr. Desai’s GitHub profile has also been featured among Top 5 Github profiles.

4. Deepak Neema

Deepak Neema is a student of Global Certificate in Data Science at INSAID. Deepak currently works at Ericsson India. With more than a decade of experience, Deepak understands both technical and business applications of Data Science well. 

Deepak is among those few INSAID students whose understanding of Data Science is well rounded. 

With more than a decade of experience, I’m confident that Deepak has the potential to head Data Science & Machine Learning teams in another few years.

Suchit Majumdar, Senior Faculty & Chief Data Scientist, INSAID

Deepak’s article on Model Accuracy also featured in Top 5 Rankings.

You can read more about Deepak’s journey into with Data Science here. 

Deepak’s GitHub profile can be accessed here.

5. Prem Ranjan

Prem Ranjan

Prem Ranjan is a student of Global Certificate in Data Science & AI. Prem currently works as Manager at UST Global. 

Prem is among the very few participants who participated in every stage of Top Budding Data Science Leader Awards diligently. 

He’s committed to becoming successful in Data Science & emerge as a Data leader in this space. 

Given Prem’s background, his ability to understand the application part of Data Science, we strongly believe that Prem is on his way to a leadership position in Data Science & AI in India.

You can read more about Prem’s journey into Data Science here.

Prem’s article on Applications of Data Science & AI in Healthcare Information Technology also featured in Top 5 Data Science Article Rankings. This article can be read here.

Prem’s GitHub profile can be accessed here.

Watch out for these 5 top-performing, diligent, passionate and expressive Data Leaders who are promising and impressive and cannot wait to carve out their own niche in the world of Data!


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  6. Bhaskar Bharat Reply

    I congratulate all the winners. I have read some of the interviews of other participants as well and they have a great story too. Some of their articles presented really interesting insights. Overall I feel proud of being a part of such a community where each one is equally passionate and putting in their best efforts. So, just keep sharing your stories and ideas as you may never know who might get inspired from your stories and ideas.

  7. Dhiraj Kulkarni Reply

    Congratulations to the top 5 awarees. Well done & all the best for your future.
    You will keep inspiring others to strive harder.

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