Top 4 Product Management Tools in 2021

Product Managers are known for their notoriously long list of responsibilities that need to be simultaneously managed. From product road mapping to implementing user needs and feedback to coordinating product development tasks with different departments, as a Product Manager you need to keep a track of everything. Amidst the chaos Product Management Tools come to the rescue of a product manager.
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Product Management Tools are a great way to organize, and simplify tasks from start to finish. With remote working emerging as the most dominant Product Management Trend in 2021, the need for efficient tools has increased manifold. While there are numerous tools and Product Management Softwares out there, here are the top 4 Product Management Tools that are essential in 2021.


Top 4 Product Management Tools in 2021
Know in detail about these must-have Product Management softwares below. Let’s get started!

  1. Pendo

Co-founded by Eric Boduch, Pendo is a useful tool for User tracking and analysis. It offers a great source of insight into how your product users or website visitors interact with your product and your content in reality. 

This opens up multiple opportunities to analyze what your users like and make changes accordingly to make your product grow. Pendo would be a great catch for companies that sell software or just maintain a lot of content on their websites as it can reveal important information about what works for your users and what doesn’t. Apart from this, Pendo also offers product experience solutions for customer-facing software. This tool is definitely one of the best for 2021 given how remote working is the new reality and it simplifies customer research. You can find Pendo here!
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  1. Hotjar

Founded in 2014 and with customers in more than 180 countries, Hotjar is a software that aims to understand how users actually experience your site without overwhelming you with numbers. Unlike your traditional web analytic tools that may only show you numbers to analyze traffic data, Hotjar offers heatmaps that visually represent every click, move, and scroll of users on your site which is game-changing. This is what makes it a top pick in 2021. 

What makes Hotjar a great fit for this list is that it has a team of over 100 employees working remotely from various different continents making it suitable for the kind of software we need to operate during this work-from-home setup. Go check it out here!

  1. Jira

Jira is one of the best agile project management software used by product teams. It is a popular tool designed and used specifically by agile teams. From creating user stories to tracking teamwork to shipping your product on time, Jira has got you covered. It also offers to improve your workflow with world-class integrations so you and your team can do their best work.
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Not only are these great checkpoints for a PM, but they are incredibly useful to manage and coordinate teamwork from a remote distance. Now that companies are finally building larger product teams, they need more PMs with various specialized training on the team. This requires a higher degree of coordination amongst the team members and Jira is the go-to tool for that. Find Jira out here!

  1. ProductPlan

ProductPlan is a software that offers a webspace for easy-to-build product roadmaps. It lets you plan and communicate unlimited product roadmaps to keep your team in sync which is incredibly useful for both offline and remote working. 

Road mapping software is definitely a must-have tool for any product manager. ProductPlan is one of the most flexible road mapping software with many features that will ensure your product’s success. It offers to securely track progress on initiatives and measure their impact while integrating essential tools and data in one platform in a hassle-free manner. You can find it here!

All these tools are user and team-friendly and definitely get the job done. 

We hope you liked our top picks for Product Management tools in 2021. Do let us know if you have any favorites besides these and why. Also, if you are interested in learning more check our Product Management courses


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