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In our initial blogs, we covered Newsletters and Podcasts on Product Management to help you get information quickly and easily. Today we are here with the Top 4 Most Influential Books to Read on Product Management that will give you in-depth knowledge on product management.

Although there are many great books on Product Management, we have hand-picked the top 4 to save you the time in finding the right one. Here we go-

1. Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams

Wondering why some Product Leaders succeed while others fail and how to make sure you’re on the right track? Then this book is for you. Curating information from 100 interviews around the world by some of the best Product Managers, this book will guide you on how to be a successful PM leader

You will learn how to strategize digital products from concept to launch successfully and have a better understanding of how the product works that will give you a competitive advantage.

2. Cracking the PM Interview

This is a comprehensive and well-researched book on how to land a successful job in product management. This book will help you understand how to create an influential cover letter, things you should know to crack the PM interviews and so much more.

It covers every aspect of Product Management that one should know about before plunging into this field. Gayle and Jackie cover everything from what exactly does PM means, how diverse this role can be across companies, and the skills you should have to land a job in big companies and startups.

 This book is so much more than cracking PM interviews, it’s about how to thrive as a product manager and these women are here to guide you. Get your copy now!

3. Selling Blue Elephants: How to Make Great Products That People Want Before They Even Know They Want Them

This masterpiece is based on a principle the authors call ‘rule-developing experimentation or RDE’. RDE is the systematized process of designing, testing, and modifying ideas, products, or services in a way that lets a developer or marketer understand what appeals to the customers. This quality of RDE is what makes it so useful for Product Managers

 This book brings in the best practices in RDE from the top companies today like Mastercard and HP. It then goes on to examine RDE’s use in innovation and design two of the most useful components for a PM. 

It also brings real-life stories to change the way people think about selling products to their customers. The book is packed with technical information and is recommended for advanced-level PMs and entrepreneurs. 

4. Meaningful: The Story of Ideas That Fly

This creatively packed book by Jiwa, a leading story strategist, is filled with stories of hundreds of innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. According to Jiwa every business that succeeds starts not with the best idea, the big-budget, or great marketing, but with the story of someone who wants to do something but can’t. 

This book is very helpful for Product Managers as it brings multiple stories of the struggle to learn from and use the power of storytelling to grow the product as a PM. The compelling storytelling in this book will offer Product Managers insights and information they can identify with and apply in real life. 

Did you find the article interesting? Let us know one more book you would have loved to see on this list. 


Meetali is a Content Writer at INSAID and writes about everything tech from Data Science to Product Management.

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