Top 3 ways to easily switch to Data Science

Are you a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer or even a physiotherapist, basically a person who thinks that they are not from a Data Science background and still wants to build a career in data science?

Well, in this blog we’re going to discuss three ways you can do this. So let’s deep dive into this topic from the word go!

#1 It’s a Start!

The very first way to transition into the field of data science is, you can find a job in your own field, which can help you make a transition to a data science career.

For example, if you’re a mechanical engineer or industrial engineer, you study the principles of supply chain management. 

Based on that knowledge you can get a job as a supply chain analyst, you don’t need to know Python, Tableau, etc.

As a supply chain analyst you need to know basic excel reporting and the principles behind Supply Chain Management which you have studied as part of your industry or mechanical engineering. 

Once you get a job in supply chain analysis, start studying Python, Tableau, all those tools, and you can easily get a job as a data analyst. You don’t need to know math, etc. You need to have domain knowledge. 

You need to be good in communication, presentation etc. Just be a street smart business manager and once you are a business manager and you work with data analysts or software engineers, then you can add the acquired technical skills which are required to transition into that role. 

If you are a student, you can work on projects which require use of data science. So if you are in college, trying to pick up a project where there is a scope of using these tools, and almost whenever you have data, there is always a scope of using these data science tools. 

#2 Freelance your way

So that was number one, which is finding a job or a project in your own field. Second one is freelancing and participating in competitions. Freelancing is an awesome way if you are working less somewhere in your job, try to find freelancing opportunities

What we mean by that is that let’s say you are a CRM mechanical engineer and you are doing some type of or rather you’re dealing with some type of data in Excel. Well, you can write a Python script. Maybe you can do some pandas, EDA. There is always a scope.

Friends, be creative. If you are creative, there is always a scope. Data is everywhere. And wherever there is data, there is data science.

In your job as a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, or whatever it is, try to find a creative way of solving problems using data science tools. 

If your management is not supportive enough, let’s say or if the situation is that you cannot do such projects at your job, maybe you can do some freelancing outside, reach out to some local NGOs and provide your help for free. 

Reach out to your relatives who might have a small business who might be doctors, lawyers, everyone uses software and wherever there is software, there is data. And wherever there is data, there is data science, so you can reach out to all these folks, provide your help for free. 

No one will say ‘no’ and most likely you will get to learn a lot and you will be working on a real project. You’re not working on some dummy Titanic Data Set Project. So freelancing is the second way of transitioning from different fields to a data science field.

You can even check out this video to understand better!

#3 Join a Program

The third way is very obvious, and it’s data science programs. There are many colleges and universities who are providing data science, bachelor’s and master’s programs. We at INSAID also have excellent programs in Data Science of 3, 6, and 12 months duration.

To know more about these programs, click here and check them out if you are interested in upskilling yourself and transitioning into the field of data science.

Anyone can pursue Data Science. Even if you are a physiotherapist, you can do a program in data science!

So you can do data science, bachelor’s, master’s, doesn’t matter what your field is, you could be from a healthcare domain, any domain, your domain knowledge is going to be very helpful. 

Even as a physiotherapist, once you complete a data science program, you will get a job as a data scientist probably in the healthcare domain because you have worked all these years in the healthcare domain, and that domain knowledge is going to be super duper useful. 


We hope you like these three ways of transitioning to a data science career. If you’d like to read more like this, check out our blog page to find out more!

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