Top 3 Budding Product Management Leaders 2022

op 3 Budding Product Management Leaders for the Year 2022!

Hi all!

We are excited to announce our Top 3 Budding Product Management Leaders for the Year 2022!

The Top 3 Budding Product Management Leaders Award is our most prestigious academic award where we recognize INSAIDians who demonstrated the highest potential to emerge as successful Product Management leaders in India in coming years.

About our Selection Process

In total, 900+ INSAID students across 6 different batches participated in this award. These participants went through 4 major rounds in a two-months-long selection process that involved Resume Workshops, LinkedIn Optimization, PM Assessment, Inter cohort speed interviews, culminating in Final Mock Interview with Gaurav Verma, Associate Product Manager INSAID.

We would like to appreciate all INSAID students who participated and we hope that the participation process itself has been immensely valuable to you.

Although there were many talented professionals who participated for this award, we are happy to announce the ones who made it to the Top 3 Budding Product Management Leaders Awards for Year 2022!

Congratulating all the winners. Here is everything you need to know about these 3!

1. Akshat Kumar

Akshat Kumar

A Global Certificate in Product Management candidate having more than 9 years of experience in Tech Space, Project Management and Program management. Akshat currently works at D-Panda as a Product Manager.

According to Gaurav Verma:

Akshat is a very Calm and Composed person. He carefully breaks down the problems and showcases immense knowledge about Product Management. His experience in Google, where he previously worked as, has made him very effective in solving problems at a huge scale.

Check out Akshat’s LinkedIn profile here.

2. Vinay R. Nagavara

Vinay Nagavara

Vinay, our second winner is a PGP in Product Management student at INSAID. He has 18+ years of experience in the product management and software development industry. He has a vast set of skills that make him what he is today. We congratulate you Vinay for your achievements.

As per Gaurav Verma:

Vinay has a keep learning attitude, with his approach to solving problems being very technical and properly structured. He asks the right set of questions to find the correct answer. And is very curious that drives him to achieve more!

Check out Vinay’s LinkedIn profile here.

3. Vikas D. Pandey

Vikas Pandey

Vikas D. Pandey is our third winner. He is a Transition & Transformation at Fujitsu Consulting Ltd. His insatiable passion for knowledge and upskilling led him to enroll in the Global Certificate in Product Management program at INSAID. Congratulations Vikas.

According to Gaurav Verma:

Vikas is a master of execution. He has a great ability to handle projects and successfully execute them. He has a 360-degree view when it comes to solving problems. In this product management journey Vikas has always gone over and beyond to keep learning product management.

Check out Vikas’s LinkedIn profile here.

At INSAID, we are proud and honored to have the chance to guide all these wonderful professionals towards becoming the next generation of leaders in Product Management.

The entire student community, faculty and staff at INSAID heartily congratulate these 3 winners for the year 2022 again and we look forward to seeing them achieve INSAID’s vision of making India into Product Management superpower!


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