The Perfect handbook for Data Scientist interview at Reliance 2022

Reliance Data Scientist Interview

Reliance Industries Limited is and has been recruiting reliable Data Scientists in a huge number. Being a multinational giant that is majorly prevalent in India, their business roots are spread across energy, petrochemicals, natural gas, retail, telecommunications, mass media and textiles.

Reliance helps enterprises arrive at personalised, contextual and meaningful information with their expertise in Big Data Analytics. They combine context-aware analytics with databases and data processing, helping their clients create a meaningful user experience for their customers. 

They solve Big Data challenges by developing solutions with platforms and components that assist in extracting insights for predictive operations. Therefore, Reliance industries is thorough with their interviews while keeping the process simple.

What do Data Scientists at Reliance do?

What do Data Scientists at Reliance do?

Data Scientists are majorly concerned with managing data and setting up risk free business models for the benefit of the company in the future. They also focus on problems related to data handling, data analysis, modeling, forecasting, statistics, machine learning etc.

They may also have to discover sources of information, help the analysis and the engineering team to implement the required solutions.

What is the Data Scientist interview process at Reliance?

Unlike most companies in the industry, Reliance conducts their interviews a little differently. The interviews are divided into 5 rounds that are phone screening, onsite face to face interview, project analysis, case studies and an interview with the HR.

Data Scientist interview rounds at Reliance

Round-1 Phone Screening

This round will majorly focus on your experience level and how well you fit in the company. Here, you will be asked questions on your background, resume, roles and projects handled in the past. 

The interviewer will walk you through the whole process of hiring and will give you a detailed explanation of the role and responsibilities and what the company expectations are.

Pro Tip: Do some primary research about the role and the company and prepare your own ‘cheat sheet’ to help you in the interview.

Round-2 Onsite face to face Interview

Once you clear the initial round of interview, you will be subjected to an onsite interview that will lead to the rest of the rounds at the site. This and the subsequent rounds will take one whole day.

At the beginning, you will dig deeper into technical questions in order for the interviewer to understand your clarity of the concepts and the role applied for. One should expect at least 2-3 coding like questions, which can either involve algorithm type or an SQL type.

The coding portion is done via a shared code editor online. The questions can be like:

  • If you are attempting to predict a customer’s gender, and you only have 100 data points, what problems could arise?
  • Write a SQL query to find the common records between two tables.
  • When does the worst case of QuickSort occur? 
  • How to write an efficient method to calculate x raised to the power n? 

Round-3 Project Analysis

Following the previous round, a task is given to the candidate with an open ended analysis type question. It is up to the candidate to sort out the data, come up with a strategy and explain to the team how the strategy will help. 

The time taken for this round is roughly 120 minutes. At the end, you will be called upon to present your work to a panel of department wise experts from Reliance.

Pro Tip: Anticipate the interviewer’s concerns and reservations. Make sure you defend their points with logic and confidence.

Round-4 Case study

This round will take approximately 60 minutes where you will be presented with a past case and will have to come up with solutions and analysis to all the business problems that arise with the case. You will be asked questions based on that data as well.

Make sure to brush up your knowledge of analytics and machine learning. This round primarily tests your problem solving and critical thinking skills for Reliance-specific issues.

Round-5 Interview with the HR

In this round you will be asked behavioural based questions that will test out your ability to work as a team player, solve real-world problems, make apt decisions and how well do you fit in the culture of Reliance Industries Limited.

This round of discussion can either be informal or formal, but be sure to stay professional and answer all questions smartly with important details. Round it off by explaining why you think you are the right person for this position.

Questions that may be asked are:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?

20 questions that you must practice for the Data Scientist interview


  1. What is the Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm?
  2. Name the different kernels of SVM.
  3. Why should you perform dimensionality reduction before fitting an SVM?
  4. When do you need to update the algorithm in Data science?
  5. What is the bias-variance trade-off?
  6. What is an Autoencoder?
  7. Where can you use Pattern Recognition?
  8. What is Pattern Recognition?
  9. What is hypothesis testing?
  10. What is a Boltzmann Machine?


  1. What is Root Cause Analysis?
  2. Explain the purpose of group functions in SQL. Cite certain examples of group functions.
  3. What is a Gaussian distribution and how is it used in data science?
  4. What is the main difference between overfitting and underfitting?
  5. What is the goal of A/B Testing?
  6. What are the limitations of a Linear Model/Regression?
  7. What is Linear Regression?


  1. How will you explain linear regression to a non-tech person?
  2. Why is Naive Bayes referred to as Naive?
  3. How can you compute significance using p-value?

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