Meet Sunitha Sharma from Deutsche Bank

Presenting to you the INSAID Spotlight Budding Data Science Leader interview series.

This is a series of interviews of budding data science leaders, enrolled with INSAID in different courses. These students coming from diverse backgrounds and even different fields, have rich experience in their own domains. They have interesting views to share with the world, their experience in the industry, what brought them to the field of data science and many other such interesting aspects. These interviews will enrich the readers about the insights, trends and many other related points.

In a recent conversation, we spoke to Sunitha Sharma who is enrolled in the GCDAI program at INSAID.

Name: Sunitha Sharma
Current Organisation: Deutsche Bank
Total Experience: 13+ years
Batch: Global Certificate in Data Science and AI, February 2019

Sunitha Sharma INSAID data science student

Ankita: Sunitha, please walk me through your career journey; all your accomplishments and the projects that you have handled so far.

Sunitha: To start with, I have 13 plus years of experience in the Global Function Operation with Deutsche Bank. I have recently moved to the change and strategy domain, from the Ops background. I’m also AVP at ACAMS and a certified member. I have also worked with the Power BI tool for data analysis. This tool made me understand how important data is.

Deutsche Bank and every other organization are looking for automation, using technology to analyze the data and then use it for the benefit of the organization, thus reducing the manual effort.

This is where my role comes in. I am working with data in both my profiles and that’s why I believe learning about Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will help.

Ankita: My next question to you is- What got you interested in Data Science and Machine Learning? 

Sunitha: As I said that I am a certified ACAMS member so I attend conferences and seminars on a regular basis. There was one seminar in December, wherein the top five technologies that will help us in the world of Machine Learning, were discussed.

So, from there, I understood that we would be extensively using a lot of technologies. Therefore, I started researching about the courses that I could join to gain knowledge in this space and perfect it. I got to know about INSAID through a Facebook advertisement and understood that it will help me, even when I am a non-programmer.

After this, I attended Manav’s webinar and was confident that I am on the right track. This course is helping me a lot to clearly understand data and take my organization ahead, in terms of using data to reduce the manual effort.

Ankita: What do you think is the goal of Data Science?

Sunitha: The goal of Data Science for me is to analyze the data in different ways and see what can be done from the business perspective and come up with a solution.

Ankita: You are a busy professional and have to juggle between your studies and job, how do you maintain a balance between both these areas?

Sunitha: Just like you said it is juggling around for me. Having the classes in the weekend has really helped me a lot. I do a late afternoon shift so morning time is the study time for me. I keep two hours, from 9:30-11:30, for studies and post that I start for office.

You need to stay updated and aware of all the happenings around you and for this, you need to give time to it. With continuous and targeted practice, you will definitely strengthen your roots in the Data Science industry.

Ankita: Crafting a great Data Science resume is a critical part of getting shortlisted for Data Science roles. Tell us some ways in which you have improved your resume as a part of Data Science Career Launchpad?

Sunitha: A session with Nikhil and Manav helped me a lot, in terms of how to present my resume. I have followed the steps they told and now not only my resume but my LinkedIn and GitHub profiles are also cleaner, detail-oriented and meaningful. Career Launchpad is really a good initiative and extremely helpful for us. 

Ankita: What will be your advice to anyone who wants to start a career in Data Science and is a fresher in this field?

Sunitha: Data Science is going to be the future. The freshers should be a part of forum or any such group that will give them more knowledge about data science, what all is happening in the field, the latest trends etc. Staying updated and informed will help them in their career. 

Ankita: Would you like to share anything about your journey at INSAID so far, any feedback, anything that you would like to share?

Sunitha: Yeah, I am really thankful to INSAID.They have designed the course after thorough research in a structured and well-thought-out way. The modus operandi of the faculty and the interactive session we have with them, everything is so informative and interesting.

This is another great feature of the INSAID course that helps you in the real-world and practical aspects of your actual business or work. You can even reach out to the Admissions team anytime.

Please carry on the good work. I’m very happy about this experience.

Ankita: Thanks a lot for your generous and genuine feedback. Thank you so much for your time, Sunitha.

Sunitha: Thank You.

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