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From product recommendations on e-commerce sites to helping diagnose cancer, Machine Learning is today being used in more ways that we can imagine. 

But as a newbie, it can often be a bit confusing wrapping your head around this term.  

Tune to this episode of Data Science Global, INSAID’s recently launched weekly podcast series in which we discuss everything from the world of Data Science & Machine Learning. Learn more about the vision behind Data Science Global in this blog post.

In this episode, Manav introduces you to Machine Learning from the very basics. 

Even if you know a bit about Machine Learning, this episode will help you structure your thoughts better when you’re explaining Machine Learning to anyone including your parents who might not have a clue how does a Friend suggestion work on Facebook. 

Listen to this very first episode of Data Science Global.

As always, let us know your feedback and any topic on which you’d like us to make the next podcast on 


INSAID Research Team's mission is to research and educate on Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. We spend significant amount of time on research & presentation of each tutorial, article & video in a way that people just like you can master these areas.

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