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At INSAID, we create accomplished and empowered Data Leaders. We groom our students to dominate the world of Data Science and AI and reshape their future. We value what our students bring to the table. We share their vision and support them during their journey and ensure that they carve a niche for themselves.

We’re proud to have tutored exceptional students all across India. Today, one such exceptional student, Kedarnath Rajarathinam stands in the spotlight.

Student Name: Kedarnath Rajarathinam
Current Organization: Cognizant
Batch: GCD – June 2019
Total years of experience: 17 years


Malvika: Hi Kedarnath, before we begin, could you tell us more about your current work profile and your career trajectory so far? 

Kedarnath: So, I started my career in 2002. I worked basically in the embedded domain and I have an experience of 17 years.

I have been particular about not changing my domain. My primary skills include engineering for driver’s software for set-top boxes.

Malvika: What got you interested in Data Science & Machine Learning?

Kedarnath: So, my primary interest in Data Science and Machine Learning is because of understanding the patterns from the raw data that is something that got my attention because the tools and methodologies that have been described in INSAID helped me in identifying or given me a different perspective to the data-at-hand.

Malvika:  What all tools and packages in Data Science & Machine Learning have you mastered in your Data Science & AI program at INSAID so far? 

Kedarnath: The tools which I got interested in are the Jupyter notebooks for Python coding.

From the Machine Learning perspective, I have mastered Linear and Logistic Regression

Malvika: Crafting a great Data Science resume is a critical part of getting shortlisted for Data Science roles. Tell us some ways in which you have improved your resume as part of Data Science Career Launchpad.

Kedarnath: The Career Launchpad sessions made me realize the fundamental mistake I had been doing on the resume front.

I did not have a master resume and then a JD-specific resume.

I picked up the key methodologies taught in the session pretty quickly. So I started updating and correcting my resume and slowly it is coming into some shape. I will probably complete it within this month.

Malvika: INSAID’s mission is to Groom Data Leaders of tomorrow. What do you understand by a Data Leader? And how is a Data Leader different from a Data Scientist?

Kedarnath: Data Leader is someone who focuses on the problems of the business whereas Data Scientist is the one who does an in-depth analysis of the data,
like pre-processing, some corrections and post-processing.

He would then apply algorithms based on the repeated patterns so that we have some solution towards the problem.

The Data Leader will be concerned with the business perspective of the analysis/solution given by the Data Scientist.

Malvika: Who is your favorite faculty at INSAID and what did you learn from him the most? 

Kedarnath: My favorite faculty is Suchit. I think people unanimously agree on this.

I admire him and the way he took us through the sessions on Python and Exploratory Data Analysis. His technical expertise is very high, he has a wide knowledge base and his presentation skills are some of the things I want to learn from him.

He’s so skillful and so patient while conducting presentations and whenever any questions are asked, his query-handling capability is awesome.

His in-depth knowledge of the subject makes it seem like a cakewalk for him. 

Malvika: Thank you for your time, Kedarnath. All the best for your future!


Content Writer @ INSAID. A machine learning buff who loves to read, write and explain everything AI!

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