INSAID Spotlight | In Conversation With Ravi Ranjan

Ravi Ranjan

Current Organization: Cognizant Technology Solutions, Kolkata

Work experience: 5 years

GCD August 2018 Student

Goal: To upskill and become a data leader.


In our recent INSAID spotlight edition, we caught up in a real-time conversation with one of our students.

In the following discussion, our academic head Vikas Mehta is in conversation with Ravi Ranjan who is currently in our GCD Programme and has completed the first term.

Vikas: So we can get started firstly with your academic background and then move towards your professional journey what all you have been doing so far?

Ravi: I did my engineering in Electrical and Electronics from BITS Mesra and my batch passed out in 2012.

After that, I joined Cognizant Technologies Solution as a Java Developer. Basically, I am in Web Development.

I have worked in application development, maintenance and enhancement areas and I have also lead a team for two years. I lead the project and took responsibility.

Right now every company of the world wants to move to digital world and the first priority is that they want to make their website user interactive and the first step in doing so is to make their website responsive; meaning you can open your website in any device and the website interface will automatically get compatible with your device. Here the device is mobile, tablet and desktop. I have worked in both backend and frontend technologies. So this is my professional journey.

Vikas:  So currently your designation in the company is?

Ravi: Currently I am working as a Senior Software Developer

Vikas: Ok that sounds good. So when did you come across the concept of data science and what made you persue a course?

Ravi: It started with the project I was working on, the focus was on creating less error scenario and improving the user experience on the website.

For example payments on the website, for that, one would want fewer errors or the whole transaction process to be error free.

So for determining the error details or how frequently any error is appearing we use Splunk tools.

With this tool, there is a lot of data available, CSV file generated and based on these files the client determines the number of times the error occurs.

They even ask us to resolve these errors and determine the exact reasons for their appearance.

We debug our code to improve the performance as the client is more interested in that.

The faster the website the better they like it. For performance, our client uses Relic Tool which basically tells how much time is it taking for a page to load or to execute a set of code.

It segregates the performance of code level by level. The client checks from their end and shares the URL of that tool with us, we analyze the performance of our code and deploy a KEYWAY server or production server.

The whole concept appealed to me especially as we could see the performance in graphs given the data we possess.

I gave a thought to data science course as I did not find my current role challenging.  I have spent almost five years in the IT industry and was feeling stagnant.

So decided to explore new avenues, looked up the internet and found Data Science course. I wanted to grab this opportunity.

Vikas: On that note how did you come across INSAID?

Ravi: Facebook is a wonderful tool if used in the right manner. Searches related to Data Science and AI or any other niche for that matter would provide us with a curated feed.

I got inquisitive on the implementation of activity feed. That’s how I landed up in Data Science course.

Picking up the lead from Facebook I explored INSAID on Quora and Google.

I saw an ad about a Webinar being held by Manav, I was really impressed and registered with INSAID. I went on to encourage my roommate to take up the course as well.

Vikas: So given the fact that there are so many institutes out there why did you decide to join  INSAID?

Ravi: Honestly I attended three webinars because I had never enrolled for an online course before. So I was really reluctant at first.

I was immensely impressed by Manav given the fact that he is an expert in the field of Data Science and his clarity of concepts made the interaction stand out from others.

Secondly, the syllabus and fee structure at INSAID was relevant to my requirements. Adding to that INSAID scholarship offer. I could not resist this opportunity.

Vikas: Yes, so have you started working on projects for term one?

Ravi: I have started looking into the data set. Right now, it is in the initial phase and it looks promising.

Vikas: So have you planned anything in near future like what will be your next step after completion of the course?

Ravi: I am currently looking out for Data Science jobs.

Vikas: Sounds good. In your current industry, do you see, Data Science as the changing factor for current processes and do you feel the change is bound to happen?

Ravi: Cognizant is an MNC and like every other MNC it is exploring new and upcoming technologies.

Anticipating new ideas, the employees are very volatile. When we look at Java Technology employees, they are very volatile and switch companies every year.

It was eminent after a discussion with my manager that companies fear lesser employee retention rate. After a while, every employee looks towards future growth options.

Like Cognizant is working to a great extent in incorporating  AI and Data Science technologies in every business unit.

This can improve employee retention rate and attracts potential candidates. So definitely change is bound to happen.

Vikas: So that was pretty much the discussion I wanted to have with you at the preliminary stage.

Later, I would reach out to you, when you start working on projects related to Data Science so that we can have detailed discussions. Thank you for your time.

Ravi: Thank you.

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