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Are you looking for securing Data Science jobs in Europe?

Here are 3 ways in which you can ensure getting a Top-notch Data Science job in Europe. Tune in to Episode 28 of Data Science & AI Weekly now!


[00:03] Topic of Discussion: How to get Data Science Jobs in Europe?
[00:15] Welcome to Data Science & AI Weekly!
[00:46] Data Science skill-sets for landing a job in Europe
[01:51] Easiest way to get a Data Science job in Europe
[02:40] What’s the second way of getting a Data Science Job in Europe?
[05:01] How to build clients in Europe?
[06:25] Episode Recap
[06:40] Wrap Up!
[07:00] Top 5 European countries for Data Science jobs
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Imagine this: you’re working as a Data Scientist with one of the best companies in the world in one of the best continent continents to live in. That is Europe.

Would you want to get into this kind of role? Hi, everyone. My name is Manav. Welcome to another episode of Data Science and AI Weekly. And in this episode, I’m going to show you how you can transition into Data Science and AI roles in Europe. Let’s get started.

So the first thing that you need to know about getting into a Data Science role in Europe is the good news that the skill-sets remain the same.

In a recent survey by Big Cloud, which interviewed Data Scientists across countries in Europe, 70% of the Data Scientists said that they are currently using Python as the primary tool for Data Science.

So that means if you’re learning Python, you are heading in the right direction and the second set of skills, what Data Scientists mentioned is they’re using things like SQL, and other tools that Data Scientists use frequently.

So from the skill-set perspective, the good part is that if you have build these skills, and if you’re in the process of building these skills, these skills are universal, and they are as good as they are in India, as they are in Europe or Australia or US. That’s the good part. So the skill-set remains the same.

The question is that how can you get into a Data Science role in Europe? Let’s look at that. So there are three ways and each one of these three ways have their own pros and cons. So I’ll be listing down these three ways one at a time. So let’s look at the first and foremost way.

The first and the easiest way is if you have a valid work visa for Europe, right. If you do, chances of you applying for a job and getting shortlisted if you have the requisite skills are extremely high, and chances of actually cracking jobs is extremely high.

So this is the easiest way but this requires you to have a valid work visa in Europe, which might or might not be the case with you. So if you don’t have a valid work visa, cross off Option 1.

Option B is the best and the surest way to get a work visa in Europe.

Europe is headquarters to a lot of companies across industries.

Europe, for example, is headquarters to Novartis. Right? And a lot of companies in the healthcare sector. Europe has one of the biggest bases for a lot of companies based out of Silicon Valley, which have their international headquarters in places like London, in places like Ireland, right? And, and in places like Luxembourg.

For example, if you want to get a job in Europe, Amazon Luxembourg is a great job. Yeah, it’s a great tool to start with. If you want a job in Europe, Facebook Ireland is a great place to start with if you want a job in BFSI/financial services, you have tons of financial services companies based out of London where you can get a job in.

So, what is extremely important is that the path to get there is you start working in one of these companies that have has a significant presence, it should have a significant presence.

– It should have at least 1000 employees based out of Europe
– It should have a good base in India.

Let’s take an example of Novartis. Novartis has thousands of people in India. You start with the Data Analytics or Data Science team or the Advanced Analytics team of Novartis in India.

Most likely you will start interfacing with the Novartis team based in Switzerland or based out of Ireland and over a period of time you make the transition to those geographies if the quality of work that you’re doing is amazing.

And I have seen this happening way, way often. I’ve seen this happening for Novartis; for Zeus; for McKinsey; for BCG; for Microsoft, any top company that you can name!

This is the shortest way to get very competitive compensation and get the role of your choice. So this is the second option.

The pros are that there’s almost 100% surety that you will be able to make that switch to  Europe, but the con is that you need to crack some of these top companies and cracking these top companies in India also a lot of times is not very easy.

Then what is the third option?

The third option is getting started with an IT services company in India, right?

So IT services companies employ lakhs of people in India and most of these IT services companies are actually serving clients in Europe. And that’s why if you’re working with an IT services company in India, most likely you’re serving clients, either in the US or Europe.

Go to the European client, over a period of time, develop a good reputation in that project, most likely you will be called on-site, right.

So this is the third way. The pros of this way is it’s much, much easier to accomplish.

The con is that the compensation might not be as competitive because as a lot of you would know, IT services work on a labor arbitrage type of model.

So there is likely to be a little gap in the compensation that you’d expect (is a great compensation for these countries) versus what these companies will offer in those countries.

This is the third model, easily doable, but with a few compromises. So all of these three are great ways.

The important thing for you to choose is which one would you think is easily achievable for you? Right? And for any of these three methods, especially the second and the third method, it might not happen in 3-6 months, it might take a year, it might take 2 years, right so what you should be doing this entire period however is you should be building great Data Science skills in India, great client relations with any client that you’re working with.

So those are the three ways of getting a Data Science job in Europe. I hope you liked this video and if you did, leave a comment in the comment section and if you want me to cover any other geography that you would want to move to, let me know that I would be happy to cover that.

As a bonus tip, the top 5 countries where you could possibly land a Data Science job in Europe:

  1. United Kingdom- London is a big base
  2. Germany has a lot of amazing cities where good Data Science projects are based out of 
  3. Switzerland
  4. Ireland
  5. Netherlands/Luxembourg. Both are amazing destinations.

Thank you very much for watching this video. I hope you loved that and see you in another episode of Data Science & AI Weekly.



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