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In our series on Product Manager interview questions for top product companies, today we have Google for you. As a Product Manager at Google, you get to work on products that are used by millions every single day. Gmail, YouTube, Ads, Android, Search, and the list goes on.

Working at Google is every Product Manager’s dream. But let’s face it, not everyone gets to live that dream. Long story short – Cracking a Google Product Manager interview is difficult. Period.  

If we were to give you one piece of advice to crack a Google PM interview, It’ll be – practice, practice, and more practice. To help you practice better, we have prepared a list of 30 Google Product Manager interview questions. This list includes a mix of product design, technical, operations, analytical, and product launch questions.

Before moving on to the list of interview questions, let’s briefly understand the job responsibilities of a Google Product Manager. 

Responsibilities of a Google Product Manager

The responsibilities of a Product Manager at Google largely vary according to the domain/product they are working on. However, in a nutshell, Google Product Managers work in close collaboration with engineering, designing, and marketing teams. They contribute throughout a product’s lifecycle – from ideation to launch and help connect the technical and business worlds. 

Here’s a snapshot of the responsibilities of a Product Manager, Google Meet. 

Photo: Google Careers

30 Google Product Manager Interview Questions 

  1. Estimate the number of queries answered by Google every minute. 
  2. What metrics would you use to measure the success of Google Hangouts?
  3. How would you improve WhatsApp?
  4. Guesstimate the space required to store all the data on Google Maps. 
  5. Which is the most important metric for Google Photos?
  6. How would you get more people to use Google slides?
  7. As a Product Manager, how would you go about monetizing Google Keep?
  8. Design a feature for credit card bill payment on Google Pay?
  9. We are launching Google Pay in a new city. How would you plan the launch?
  10. Design a new feature for YouTube
  11. Design a library for Google
  12. Estimate the revenue of Google Ads
  13. Design a new location-sharing app for Google
  14. How would you improve Google calendar?
  15. Design an e-learning app for Google
  16. Estimate the number of people creating google account in a year
  17. Guesstimate the number of videos on YouTube
  18. How would you improve YouTube music?
  19. Choose any non-Google product and describe how you would improve it?
  20. As a Product Manager at YouTube, which metrics would you track?
  21. What should Google Docs NorthStar metrics be?
  22. Devise A/B testing for improving Google Photos
  23. Estimate the revenue Google generates per day
  24. How would you measure the success of Google Pixel?
  25. Which is the most important metric for Google Search?
  26. Redesign Google Home
  27. You notice a 15% drop in Google searches. What will you do?
  28. What should be Google’s strategy for launching a TV service?
  29. Design a feature to enhance the accuracy of Google Maps
  30. Devise a roadmap for Google Nest for the next 2 years. 

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We hope you found this blog on Google Product Manager interview questions insightful. Share your answers to these questions in the comments below.


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