25+ Microsoft Product Manager Interview Questions

With its evolutionary line of products, Microsoft is a company every Product Manager wants to work with. While many apply, only a few manage to crack a Microsoft Product Manager interview

In this blog, we share with you the ultimate list of 25+ Microsoft Product Manager interview questions to help you get the job at your dream company. 

Like any other Product Manager interview, at Microsoft, you can expect guesstimates, analytical, behavioral, and other common Product Manager interview questions

However, in this article, we exclusively cover Microsoft-focused PM interview questions. These questions have been shared by former interviewees at Glassdoor.

With the help of this article, you can understand what Microsoft seeks in a Product Manager, the types of questions asked, and practice 25+ PM interview questions. 

So, let’s get started


Microsoft Product Manager Interview Questions 

A Microsoft PM interview includes a mix of product design, operations, strategy, leadership, and technical questions

These questions are asked to evaluate how the candidate thinks, approaches, and solves product challenges. Let’s look at popular Microsoft Product Manager interview questions below. 

  1. Name your favorite Microsoft product and give reasons explaining why?
  2. How familiar are you with agile frameworks?
  3. Estimate the revenue of Bing?
  4. Design an algorithm for recommending connections to LinkedIn users.
  5. Design Microsoft Outlook.
  6. How would you ensure real time collaboration in a mobile version of MS Word?
  7. As a PM share the strategy of Microsoft Teams for the coming three years. 
  8. What do you know about Microsoft culture?
  9. How would you detect fake news on Facebook?
  10. In case daily average users (DAU) of Office 365 go down by 5%, how would you investigate this?
  11. Describe internet to your grandparent.
  12. If you had to double the revenue of Uber Pool, how would you do it?
  13. Share the step by step process to build a website from zero. 
  14. Describe Agile methodologies.
  15. Design a browser for children of the age group 7 to 14 years. 
  16. How would you design an airline entertainment system? What will the features target users?
  17. How would you design a competitive product for slack?
  18. How would you approach personalizing MS Office?
  19. How would you calculate the weight of an airplane?
  20. What will be your strategy to increase MS Power Point revenue?
  21. How would you create an API design for integration for third party payments?  
  22. Estimate the market size of Microsoft Teams.
  23. On the basis of which metrics would you measure the success of Microsoft Office?
  24. What KPIs would you use to improve the user engagement in any app?
  25. As a Product Manager of Microsoft Outlook, how would you define its next version?
  26. How would you make Windows Phone successful?
  27. Redesign any app you do not like. 
  28. Share with us how you measure the success of any event?

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We hope you found this article on 25+ Microsoft Product Manager interview questions useful. Pick any question of your choice and share your answer in the comments below.

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